Swedish FH Power Monitoring

February | 2021


Swedish Medical Center, First Hill Campus

Project Role:

Electrical Engineering, Engineer-of-Record, Project Management, Construction & Commissioning Management

Contract Engagement:

June 2019 to February 2021

Swedish First Hill Campus Power Monitoring System Replacement Project

Replacement of existing legacy campus power monitoring system with a new, state of the art system integrated with the campus emergency power system to initiate required monthly ATS testing and generate NFPA compliant monthly reports meeting CMS/DNV documentation requirements.

A new Schneider Power Monitoring Expert (PME) system was selected through a competitive RFP bidding process. Scope of work included a new system head end providing real time visibility of the campus normal and emergency power system from a central location, improved system resiliency with back-up UPS power, and integration with the campus emergency power system to allow for monthly ATS testing to be initiative remotely via the Power Monitoring system Graphical Use Interface.

System functionality includes real-time stamping of ATS testing times and automated test reports compliance with NFPA/CMS/DNV allowing the facility to move away from stop watches and manual input of test reports. Existing power metering devices where integrated into the new PME System allowing for real time understanding of demand at key points in the power system as well as tracking peak demand over time on the system to inform management of electrical energy use and strategic planning to support future capital project planning.

Key project benefits included the following:

  • Resiliency: addition of backup UPS power to all control system components. UPS system is monitored as part of preventative maintenance program.
  • Staff Safety: Remote test initiation of transfer switches allows staff to avoid standing directly in front of transfer switches to initiate testing.
  • Risk Management: Real-time visibility of the normal and emergency power system provides facilities staff ability to respond and troubleshoot any power outage more efficiently.
  • Operational Cost Savings: Reduced time to complete recurring monthly testing, improved speed of identifying power system issues.